Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Cebas quadruples CPU core power of finalRender

finalRender 3.5 SE’s subsurface scattering in action. Developer cebas has just released a free service pack for the 3ds Max-compatible renderer, and increased the number of cores supported per licence from 16 to 64.

Cebas has released a new service pack for finalRender 3.5 SE, including support for 3ds Max 2013.

The other features in Service Pack 9 are mainly bugfixes – but the developer has also changed its licensing model for the 3ds Max-compatible renderer, quadrupling the number of cores each licence supports.

Users can now take advantage of up to 64 local cores and 64 cores for network rendering, instead of 16/16, as under the old licensing model.

Registered users can install Service Pack 9 through cebas’s Autoupdate software, which has itself also just been revamped. Autoupdate 2.x is required for installations in 3ds Max 2013.

New licences of finalRender 3.5 SE cost €995 (around $1,240). It is compatible with 3ds Max 2009 and above.

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