Saturday, April 7th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: Christian Lichtner on the art of Diablo III

The Diablo III intro cinematic. See art director Christian Lichtner’s GDC presentation via the link below.

GDC Vault has posted Diablo III art director Christian Lichtner’s presentation from GDC earlier this year.

In the one-hour video, Lichtner discusses how Blizzard’s core design principles – strong silhouettes, bold use of colour, dynamic animation: ‘make it more awesome’, essentially – were applied to Diablo III.

If you’re a Diablo fan (or even if you aren’t), there are lots of nice examples of how the design team refined the look of creatures and environments to help tide you over until the game’s release on 15 May.

See the entire presentation on GDC Vault