Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Fabric Engine shows off browser-based rigging tool

Running in Google Chrome: company founder Phil Taylor shows off a custom character animation tool built using Fabric Engine’s web development application framework. Expect animated man-boobs!

Fabric Engine has posted some tantalising new demos of its technology – including a fully manipulable FK/IK character rig, complete with secondary dynamics and muscle simulation, running inside a web browser.

The demo was created by company founder and former Character Animation Toolkit developer Phil Taylor to showcase the possibilities of the Fabric Engine web development application platform. You can read our original story on the technology here.

The proof-of-concept animation tool joins a growing range of demo web applications built using Fabric Engine, including crowd simulations, bullet physics, toon shading and deferred rendering.

Due out of beta soon
Fabric Engine is due for a full release in March under a dual open-source/commercial licence model.

The latest Fabric Engine beta build also adds Python support for the first time. Previous releases offered only a JavaScript-based implementation via Node.js.

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