Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Convert Kinect scans to 3D models with ReconstructMe

Developer PROFACTOR has released a public beta of ReconstructMe, its software for using scan data recorded using Microsoft’s Kinect games peripheral to reconstruct 3D objects.

Users can either rotate objects in front of the sensor or move the Kinect itself around the scannned object, and ReconstructMe will automatically separate it from the background.

The models generated can be exported in either OBJ or STL formats. As ever with raw scan data, quite a bit of clean-up would be required to make them usable, but in an interesting post on PROFACTOR’s blog, Autodesk’s Ryan Schmidt suggests that ReconstructMe could be teamed with his own MeshMixer software.

PC-only users take note, though. ReconstructMe is compatible with the Xbox 360 Kinect or Asus’s Kinect clone, but not the recently released Kinect for Windows.

Visit the ReconstructMe website

Download the beta version of ReconstructMe