Thursday, December 8th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

iCube releases CityTraffic 2 plugin for 3ds Max
CityTraffic 1 in action. The recent update rewrites the 3ds Max plugin’s AI system.

iCube has released a free update to CityTraffic, its AI-based traffic-simulation plugin for 3ds Max, promising more realistic traffic flow and reduced calculation times.

The developer describes the simulation in CityTraffic 2 as “essentially a brand new system” with no backward compatibility with CityTraffic 1.x scenes, although the two versions of the software can be installed in parallel.

Other new features include support for six-wheeled vehicles, new road objects such as obstacles and stop lines, and a new spline-based system for building road layouts.

The price of the plugin has also been reduced for new users, from €360 to €200 (around $270).

Visit the CityTraffic website