Thursday, December 29th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Enter the Lollipop Shaders snow shading contest

RenderMan shader library Lollipop Shaders has released updates to several of its products, including the ocean surface, displacement and snow shaders.

To celebrate the update of the latter, the site is currently running a contest to win two shaders of your choice from its Pro Kit store.

There is no contest page live yet, but according to the Lollipop Shaders newsletter, entrants simply need to download the snow shader from its homepage, use it in a 3D scene and email the resulting rendered still image or video to info [at], putting the words Snow Shader Contest in the subject line.

The best three entries received by 31 January 2012 win the prizes.

Read full instructions in the Lollipop Shaders newsletter

Visit the Lollipop Shaders website