Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Skillset releases free guide to essential VFX skills

UK media sector body Skillset has produced a free guide to the skills needed to work in today’s VFX industry.

The Core Skills of VFX, which is available to download from Skillset’s website, is aimed equally at students hoping to work in the industry and colleges planning the content of their degree courses.

The 39-page PDF kicks off with a ‘student primer’ of key messages that wannabe pros should bear in mind.

This section focuses mainly on the soft skills involved in production work, with ‘VFX is a team sport’ and ‘Criticism is a request for change’ being representative examples.

The guide then moves on to a run-down of 12 specific competencies required for visual effects work, ranging from source image acquisition to effects animation.

This section functions equally as a readymade outline for academics planning training courses or a checklist for students, and includes a detailed reading list for each ‘module’.

One to bookmark
The document has been produced after detailed consultation with the industry, and the list of contributors at the end reads like a who’s who of British visual effects, with all of the big five studios represented.

We haven’t had a chance to read it through in its entirety, but from first glance, it looks like a must-have for any aspiring VFX professional – and not just for Brits, either.

Download The Core Skills of VFX from the Skillset website