Monday, April 11th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Read early user reviews of Autodesk 2012 products

Autodesk has begun shipping its 2012 product line – to users on Subscription contracts, at least. Everyone else can download the new 30-day trial versions.

Below, we’ve compiled links to some of the most detailed early feedback from Subscription customers, along with the download links for the trial versions of each product.

MAYA 2012

Read feature-by-feature commentary on Cory Mogk’s blog (requires Google account to log in)

Most popular:
“[The new interactive split tool] is a great tool. But would be even better if you could move any previous point at any time using middle mouse button.”
Braden, New Zealand

Least popular:
“[DMM is] great, but what’s with all the plug-ins? This feature should be core.”
Vinnie, Australia

Read early user feedback on CG Thread 1
Read early user feedback on CG Thread 2

Includes detailed commentary on Viewport 2.0, the new editable motion trails – and again, criticism of the cut-down version of DMM included in Maya 2012.

3DS MAX 2012

Read early user feedback on

“The new viewport is phenomenal! Lighting fast, with dynamic lights and shadows.”
akisey, Belgium

Issues importing files from 3ds Max 2009 and earlier (there is some debate as to how widespread this is, and whether it results only with specific scene properties, so read the full thread for details).


Read early user feedback on

More of a discussion of current development strategy than point-by-point coverage of new features, but it does include some interesting opinions on whether ICE has been too much of a focus in recent releases.

Read early user feedback on

A long discussion of rendering issues with mental ray.


Read early user feedback on

“I’m quite happy with the new version of Mudbox. Transfer Details [and] Rebuild Subdivision levels bring extra comfort to modelling process. Grab Silhouette is useful for the hard [surface] modelling process. Although [Autodesk] still have a lot to do, it’s looking better this [release].”
Ballo, Leamington Spa, UK


Download the Maya 2012 trial
Download the 3ds Max 2012 trial
Download the Softimage 2012 trial
Download the Mudbox 2012 trial
Download the MotionBuilder 2012 trial