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Houdini 11 Sneak Peek

Houdini is well known in the visual effects industry for being a powerhouse technical tool for achieving complex shots. Thanks to its highly procedural architecture and a visual programming interface, users are able to create quite complex visual effects within the package.

Toronto-based Side Effects Software has posted a Houdini 11 Sneak Peek. Of interest:

“In Houdini 11, new Voronoi-Based Fracturing tools will make it easier to break up objects either before a simulation or automatically during a simulation. Destruction sequences are a staple of Houdini-based VFX shots and now they will be easier to create and even more controllable.”

“We have heard your requests for improved performance loud and clear and with Houdini 11 we are introducing much faster particle fluids, faster rendering and targeted optimizations such as extensive multi-threading for dynamics and algorithmic enhancements for Houdini in general. An example of this optimization is the attribute transfer node which is now an order of magnitude faster when transferring vertex attributes such as UVs.

“While we have made many performance improvements in Houdini 11, we also have a team of developers working on even deeper optimizations for the future. These improvements will modernize Houdini and let you work with bigger files, faster, with more efficient use of memory. These big performance changes will be a significant addition to the subsequent release.”

Check out the video

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