Monday, April 1st, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe releases Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5 in public beta

Adobe has released Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5, a new public beta of the VR sculpting tool.

The release introduces new AI-based features, including Search by Shape and Smart Upres.

Sculpt organic and hard-surface models in VR using a virtual clay workflow
Substance 3D Modeler is a SDF-based tool that lets users sculpt both organic and hard-surface models in virtual reality, or in desktop mode using a mouse and keyboard.

Workflow combines elements of digital sculpting and Boolean modelling, with users able to build up forms with virtual clay, then join them or cut into them with Boolean operations.

You can find more details in this story on Substance 3D Modeler 1.0.

Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5: experimental new AI search features
Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5 introduces experimental new AI features, of which the most eye-catching is Search by Shape, shown in the video at the top of the story.

With it, users can roughly block out objects, then search the Substance 3D Assets library for readymade parts with a similar shape, using keywords to refine the search if necessary.

The blockout version can then be replaced in the scene by the readymade asset.

In addition, the software’s Increase resolution algorithm, used to upres models, has been updated to “better maintain sharp edges and details”.

Price and system requirements
Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5 is compatible with Windows 10+, and these VR headsets.

It is available in public beta via the Creative Cloud desktop app for anyone with an Adobe ID. Find commercial pricing in our story Substance 3D Modeler 1.8. the current stable release.

Read a full list of new features in Substance 3D Modeler 1.8.5 in the online documentation

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