Wednesday, October 11th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe’s Project Fast Fill brings Firefly’s Generative Fill to video

Adobe has unveiled Project Fast Fill, an experimental new technology that brings capabilities from Firefly, the firm’s suite of generative AI tools, to video for the first time.

Described as Generative Fill for video, it lets users replace a selected part of a frame of video by entering a text prompt to generate new content, then have the change automatically propagated to the remaining frames.

According to Adobe, the tech offers an “early look at what human-prompted generative AI could enable inside Adobe video editing tools including Premiere Pro and After Effects”.

The project is one of 10 experimental new technologies due to be shown off during the popular Sneaks session at the Adobe MAX 2023 conference, along with object-based image-editing engine Project Stardust.

Use text prompts to automatically replace objects in video
Already integrated into Photoshop, Generative Fill lets users replace a selected part of a still image by entering a simple text prompt to guide the new content.

Project Fast Fill extends that workflow to video, with a user editing one frame of a video clip, then having the changes automatically propagate to the other frames.

As well as tracking the motion of the camera, the AI-generated new content responds to changes in the lighting of the shot.

Adobe’s demos ranged from simple background object removals, to adding a tie to a person in the shot, and even replacing the pattern in the froth on the top of a latte, with the new pattern deforming with the surface of the coffee.

So when will I be able to use Project Fast Fill in Adobe software?
Adobe doesn’t commit to where – or whether – the experimental technologies it shows off during its Sneaks sessions will appear in publicly available products.

However, its official announcement for Project Fast Fill namechecks both After Effects and Premiere Pro, and with much of the underlying technology already developed, it’s not difficult to imagine that it could be in a public release of one or both in the near future.

Read Adobe’s announcement of Project Fast Fill

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