Friday, September 15th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Wonder Studio now does standalone AI motion capture

Wonder Dynamics has added a new standalone AI motion-capture option to Wonder Studio, its AI-powered online platform for inserting 3D characters into video footage.

The new AI MoCap project type makes it possible to generate motion-capture data from video footage without having to render out the fully processed VFX shot.

The firm has also introduced credit-based pricing, with AI MoCap projects consuming five times fewer credits than standard Live Action projects.

Automatically replace an actor with a 3D character in video footage
Launched earlier this year, Wonder Studio processes single-camera source footage, tracking the motion of an actor, generating roto masks and clean plates, and replacing the live actor with a CG character, automatically matching the lighting to the background.

As well as the rendered video, users can download clean plates and alpha masks for the actor, both exported as a sequence of PNG images; motion-capture data in FBX format; and for Blender users, a complete Blender scene file.

You can read more about how Wonder Studio works in this story.

New AI MoCap option generates body and finger mocap from video footage
Wonder Dynamics has now added a new AI MoCap project type, which makes it possible to generate only the mocap data, without having to process the entire VFX shot.

It includes both full-body and finger tracking data.

AI MoCap projects are also cheaper than full Live Action projects: under Wonder Dynamics’ new credit-based pricing, they consume four credits per second of video processed, compared to 20 for Live Action projects.

Lite subscriptions now include 3,000 credits per month, while Pro subscriptions include 12,000 credits per month. Unused credits do not carry over to the next month.

At the minute, there is no way to continue processing video once you run out of credits, but Wonder Dynamics is “working to make it possible … to purchase additional credits”.

Price and system requirments
Wonder Studio is browser-based, and runs in Chrome or Safari. It does not currently support mobile browsers.

Lite subscriptions are priced at $29.99/month or $299.88/year, can export rendered video at 1080p resolution, and can export mocap, clean plates and the Blender scene.

Pro subscriptions are priced at $149.99/month or $1,499.88.year, raise the maximum export resolution of 4K, and also make it possible to export roto masks.

The Terms of Use give Wonder Dynamics a non-exclusive licence to use any content created via the platform to develop its AI models.

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See a feature comparison table for Lite and Pro accounts

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