Thursday, September 21st, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get client feedback on 3D models in your browser with Modelsend

Developer Dennis Wang has launched Modelsend, a new web app that enables 3D artists to get feedback from clients and collaborators inside a web browser.

The app can be used for free on up to five projects.

A simple way to get client feedback on your 3D models
Intended as a more streamlined alternative to the review tools in asset- and project-management platforms, Modelsend gives CG artists a quick way to get “clear and actionable feedback” on their 3D models.

Users can upload models in 3DM, FBX, GLB, OBJ, and STL format, then generate an invite link that can be copied and pasted into emails or messages to clients and collaborators.

Clients can review the model in flat shaded or wireframe mode, then add comments linked to markers on the model’s surface, with the option to add images to clarify the issue.

Price and system requirements
Modelsend runs in standard destkop and mobile web browsers. A free account supports up to five projects, and makes it possible to share up to 5 GB of data.

A paid Pro account costs $13/month or $108/year, and supports up to 20 projects and 150 GB of data, and makes it possible to add three collaborators per project.

A Premium account costs $23/month or $228/year, and supports unlimited projects, data and collaborators.

Visit the Modelsend website

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