Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Rokoko announces Headrig

Motion-capture systems developer Rokoko has unveiled the Headrig, a new lightweight head mount for smartphone-based facial capture applications.

The mount, which is intended as a cheaper, lighter alternative to traditional mocap helmets, is available for pre-order for $195, and is due to ship in September 2023.

An inexpensive lightweight professional head mount for use with iOS and Android facial capture apps
Headrig is described as a “lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable motion capture head mount designed to accommodate an iPhone” – although according to the FAQs, it also accommodates Android phones.

At just 240g, it’s certainly lightweight: in our not terribly scientific online survey of conventional mocap helmets, weights ranged from around 600g to over 1kg.

However, that includes helmets designed to accommodate GoPro or RealSense cameras, whereas the Headrig is specifically designed for phones.

It can be used with any facial mocap app, including Epic Games’ free Live Link Face or Moves by Maxon, though clearly, Rokoko hopes that people will use it with Rokoko Face Capture, its own iOS app.

According to Rokoko, the Headrig fits “any adult head”, adjusting via a fastening wheel and a velcro strap.

Price and release date
The Headrig is available to pre-order now for $195, plus tax and shipping, and is due to ship in September.

It can be used with any standard iPhone – but not iPhone Plus or iPhone Max models – or equivalently sized Android phone.

Read more about the Headrig on Rokoko’s website