Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Computerinsel releases PhotoLine 24

Computerinsel has updated PhotoLine, its sub-$100 image-editing tool.

PhotoLine 24.0 overhauls layer workflow, and updating the software’s brush tools.

Updates to layer workflow include support for Layer Compositions
Although recently overshadowed by the Affinity tools, PhotoLine is a versatile alternative to Photoshop, with support for 32-bit linear workflow for bitmap images, plus both vector design and page layout features.

Version 24 overhauls its layer workflow with the option to save the layer structure of a document, including the visibility and blend mode of the layers, as a Layer Composition.

Layer Compositions can be used as presets for future documents, or to compare variants of a document.

Workflow improvements include the option to use the Layer Tool to move or copy the contents of a selection without creating a new layer, and to search for fonts in the Layer List.

It is also now possible to use 16- and 32-bit images as layer masks and clipping layers with full bit depth.

Other changes and extended file format support
Outside the layer system, new features include support for formatting marks in text.

A number of the brush tools have been updated, with changes including support for transparency in the Replace Color brush, and a new Replace mode in the Copy brush.

UX improvements include automatic snapping when detaching and moving document windows, and an overhaul of the look of document windows on Windows to match the rest of the UI.

Pipeline integration changes include support for open-source image editor GIMP’s .xcf file format, and better support for the PDF, SVG and TIFF file formats.

Pricing and availability
PhotoLine 24.0 is available now for Windows 7+ and macOS 10.13+. It costs €79 (around $87), up €20 since PhotoLine 23.5.

Read a full list of new features in PhotoLine 24 on the product website