Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe releases After Effects 23.2

Adobe has released After Effects 23.2, the latest version of the compositing software. The release adds support for movie industry colour management standard OpenColorIO (OCIO) and the ACEScg colour space.

The beta build of the software has been updated to add support for text layers to the new Properties panel.

Supports the OpenColorIO and ACES colour management standards for movies
There is only one new feature in After Effects 23.2, but it is a significant one, at least for anyone creating motion graphics or VFX for films: support for OpenColorIO (OCIO) and ACES colour management.

The change makes After Effects compatible with the movie-industry-wide standard for colour management, also specified in the VFX Reference Platform, and already widely supported in other CG software.

After Effects 23.2 has preset configurations for ACES 1.2 and 1.3 and supports the ACEScg colour space.

New beta build adds support for text layers to the new Properties panel
In addition, Adobe has updated the separate experimental beta build of After Effects, adding support for text layers to the new Properties panel, previously only available for shape layers.

First released in beta in 2021, the panel is intended to reduce “twirl time” spent opening layer hierarchies by providing quick access to the key properties of layers selected in the timeline.

Pricing and system requirements
After Effects is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 11.0+ on a rental-only basis. In the online documentation, After Effects 23.2 is also referred to as After Effects 2023.2 or the February 2023 release.

Subscriptions to After Effects cost $31.49/month or $239.88/year, while All Apps subscriptions, which provide access to over 20 of Adobe’s creative tools, cost $82.49/month or $599.88/year.

Read a full list of new features in After Effects 23.2 in the online release notes