Saturday, October 16th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

All Sketchfab subscriptions now include commercial use

Sketchfab has opened up all of its subscription plans, including free Basic subscriptions, for commercial use.

In addition, users with Premium plans get access to Sketchfab for Teams, a branding-free Sketchfab player, and the app-free augmented reality mode, all previously only available with Enterprise plans.

All Sketchfab plans now include commercial use
The changes are the latest reductions in the price of Sketchfab’s services following Epic Games’ acquisition of the web-based display and collaboration platform for 3D models earlier this year.

The biggest is that any subscription plan – including free Basic subscriptions – can now be be used commercially: that is, used to showcase the work of companies rather than individual artists.

Previously, commercial use required at least a Premium subscription.

New features for Premium subscribers
Premium subscribers themselves get access to features previously restricted to users with top-of-the-range Enterprise plans, including removal of the Sketchfab branding from the embeddable Sketchfab model player, and access to the platform’s app-free augmented reality viewing mode.

Asset library management platform Sketchfab for Teams is also now available to Premium subscribers, though on an on-demand basis: you have to contact Sketchfab directly to get access to it.

In addition, the old cap of 10,000 views per month has been removed from Premium plans in favour of a new “fair use program” in which “only those in the top 1% of monthly traffic usage may be charged”.

Pricing and availabilty
3D models can be uploaded to Sketchfab and viewed online in any modern web browser.

A free Basic subscription lets you upload up to 10 models to the site each month, with a maximum file size of 100MB and up to 10 annotations per model.

Paid subscriptions increase the number of uploads and maximum file sizes available, with Pro subscriptions costing $24/month or $180/year and Premium subscriptions costing $129/month or $948/year.

Enterprise plans are priced on enquiry. Find a comparision table of subscription plans here.

Read Sketchfab’s announcement of the latest changes to its subscription plans