Thursday, April 1st, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sketchfab’s models of the month: March 2021

Sketchfab provides a simple way for anyone to publish and share their 3D models online. To celebrate the best in real-time 3D art, we asked the Sketchfab team to pick the 10 greatest models on the site this month.

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Flying Kiki by Roxanne Couillaux
35.5k triangles (after conversion)

Fan art of Kiki from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, based on a concept by Teo Skaffa.

The Flying Circus Assignment @DAE by Noah B
5.5k triangles (after conversion), animated

Canon AT-1 Retro Camera by Aleixo Alonso
18.0k triangles (after conversion)

Download the model in FBX, glTF and USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

Plague Doctor by Tarik Takasu
51.8k triangles (after conversion), animated

Based on a concept by Fernando Correa.

Gothic Cloister Corner by Zoilo Perrino
1.0M triangles

A 3D scan of a gothic cloister in the former Monastery of San Salvador de Oña, Burgos, Spain.

Download the model in Blender, glTF or USDZ format under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

Calvin and Hobbes Log Bridge by Nathaniel Behunin
8.2k triangles (after conversion)

Fan art of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes comic strips.

High Up In The Sky by Conrad Justin
756.2k triangles (after conversion), animated

Art commissioned by creative studio Level 30 Wizards.

Kingsman by Araon
41.8k triangles (after conversion)

Blackhead Ball Python by Eric Cheung
12.8k triangles (after conversion)

Froggy Doggy by Stacy (alchemyart)
33.9k triangles (after conversion)

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