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Check out Gnomon’s new Anatomy for Artists training

The Gnomon Workshop has released Volume 2 and 3 of its Anatomy for Artists series of training videos: a detailed guide to figure drawing recorded by artist and educator Rey Bustos.

The new courses, which are aimed at both traditional illustrators and CG artists who want to deepen their understanding of human anatomy, cover the leg and foot, and the arms and torso.

Volume 2: master the anatomy of the human leg and foot
Anatomy for Artists Volume 2: Understanding the Leg and Foot is itself split into two sections, covering the lower leg and foot, and the upper leg, thighs and buttocks.

The first explores the forms and major tendons of the feet, and the key muscles of the leg. The second covers the four major muscle groups in the upper leg: the quadriceps, adductors, flexors and gluteal muscles.

Volume 3: master the anatomy of the human arm and front of the torsot
Anatomy for Artists Volume 3: Understanding the Front Torso & Arm explores the layers of muscles in the chest and shoulders: the rectus abodominis, pectoralis major, external oblique, deltoid and serratus anterior.

Bustos then moves on to the four main functional groups of muscles in the arm: flexors, extensors, ‘twins’ and ‘mini twins’.

Designed for artists, not medics
In both training courses, Bustos explores how to analyse human anatomy with an artist’s eye, focusing on the key forms rather than smaller individual muscles.

Bustos uses real-world analogies to help explain how different groups of muscles work together, and provides tips and tricks for remembering important anatomical terms.

About the artist
Rey Bustos has worked as an illustrator for multiple companies and magazines, and has contributed to numerous fine art exhibitions. He was represented by the San Marino gallery in Pasadena for several years.

He has been teaching since 1990, and is currently an associate professor at ArtCenter College of Design. He also teaches at Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and Kline Academy.

His work is due to be published by Design Studio Press, with a book on artistic anatomy due in April 2020.

Pricing and availability
All of the Anatomy for Artists training is available via an online subscription to The Gnomon Workshop. Subscriptions cost $49/month or $490/year. You can try the training for free.

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