Saturday, November 18th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Pixel Splincher releases Bricolage 2.0 for iOS

The original preview video for Bricolage. The 2.0 release of the GPU-accelerated node-based compositing system for iPads and other iOS devices adds a range of colour grading tools and a flipbook image viewer.

Pixel Splincher has released Bricolage 2.0, a new version of its interesting node-based compositing app for iOS devices, adding a range of new colour grading tools, including the option to import LUTs.

(Full disclosure: the update actually came out last month, but we’ve only just spotted it.)

A GPU-accelerated node-based compositing and effects system for your iPad
First released in 2015, Bricolage is a complete node-based compositing system designed to run on an iPad.

The nodes are written in GLSL to execute directly on the GPU – Pixel Splincher says that future releases will support Apple’s Metal API – and the app is claimed to be capable of processing HD footage in real time.

New colour grading tools, noise-reduction filters and Flipbook player node
The initial release introduced a basic set of effects filters; shape, cutout and text tools; and even – if you bought a paid add-on – support for greenscreen keying.

To that, Bricolage 2.0 adds a set of colour grading tools, including primary (Lift, Gamma and Gain) and region-based secondary colour correction, and a Photoshop-style Curves filter.

The app can also now import LUTs in .cube format.

Other changes include a revamped colour picker, with a standard eyedropper tool for sampling colours from images; new blur and noise-reduction filters; and a keyframe editor for animating effects more precisely.

There is also a new Flipbook viewer node, for viewing the sub-images in a sprite atlas; and a new project browser themed around Apple’s old Cover Flow interface design.

Pricing and availablity
Bricolage 2.0 is available for iOS 10.0+. The price has risen to $4.99 since the original release. A range of add-ons are available as in-app purchases, with the greenscreen keying tool costing $1.99.

Read a full list of features in Bricolage 2.0 on the iTunes App Store

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