Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Nevercenter releases Silo 2.5

Nevercenter’s trailer for Silo, its lightweight subdivision surface modelling application. The video dates back to 2011, but you haven’t missed much – Silo 2.5, out this week, is only the second official update since then.

Originally posted on 25 May 2017. Scroll down for news of the Silo 2.5 release.

Nevercenter has released a public beta of Silo 2.4, the latest version of its lightweight modelling software.

The update, which adds support for the FBX and Collada file formats, plus an updated windowing system, is the first to the software in almost three years.

Continued, if slow, development
First released in 2003, Silo built up a reputation as an efficient, focused subdivision surface modellling package before development stalled in recent years, with Nevercenter focusing on its newer iOS apps.

The latest update doesn’t exactly indicate a change of pace: it comes almost three years after Silo 2.3 – which itself emerged over three years after the previous release.

Support for FBX and Collada, plus under-the-hood changes
Nor does Silo 2.4 add a lot of new features: support for FBX and Collada is a good general-purpose addition – to judge by the the release notes, Nevercenter’s primary target audience is indie game artists.

But other than that, it’s under-the-hood stuff: an updated windowing system, engine rewrites, and bugfixes.

However, it is an indication that development is continuing, albeit slowly – not to mention a bit of nostalgia for anyone who began their modelling career in the 2000s.

Updated 22 August 2017: Having gone through a series of betas, the new version of Silo is now officially available – although in the process, it has become Silo 2.5, not 2.4.

As well as the features listed above, the release notes mention a “completely updated modern, cleaner interface styling”, although at the time of posting, we can’t find a demo video online.

However, you can get some sense of the changes from this thread on the Silo forum – which also signals the product’s slow return to public life: it features the first forum post from a Nevercenter team member for years.

Pricing and availability
Silo 2.5 is available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.9+. The update is free to registered users; new licences cost $159, although at time of posting, there is a launch discount available.

Read a full list of new features in Silo 2.5 in Nevercenter’s release notes

Read more about Silo on Nevercenter’s product website