Monday, October 24th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

VortechsFX unveils Eddy for Nuke

New Zealand-based startup VortechsFX has posted some interesting demo videos of Eddy, its upcoming GPU-based gaseous fluid solver and volumetric renderer for Nuke.

The plugin makes it possible to work with smoke, fire and similar gaseous fluid sims interactively within Nuke, enabling “new workflows not previously possible”.

Fast, interactive gaseous fluid simulation and rendering in Nuke
According to VortechsFX’s overview of the plugin, Eddy is a combined fluid solver, volumetric compositing tool and unbiased physically based volume renderer.

It’s written entirely on the GPU, has an “extensive C and Python API”, and an “optimised scripting language”.

The most eye-catching example of the kind of workflow Eddy opens up was one of the OpenVDB cache of an explosion sim being rendered interactively in Nuke.

Unfortunately, it has now been removed from Vimeo, hopefully temporarily.

However, there are some other pretty impressive demos on VortechsFX’s Vimeo channel, including instancing and rendering an array of fire simulations (top of story) and converting Nuke particles to volumes.

Pricing and availability
VortechsFX hasn’t posted any pricing information or a release date for Eddy yet.

See more demo videos for Eddy for Nuke on Vortechs FX’s Vimeo channel

Visit VortechsFX’s website