Monday, August 31st, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Gnomon releases Scripting Fundamentals, Volume 1

The Gnomon Workshop has released Scripting Fundamentals, Volume 1: an introductory guide to scripting custom CG tools, recorded by veteran former Disney pipeline TD Mike Harris.

Fundamental principles for any scripting language
In the video, which runs for five hours, Harris explores the fundamentals of any scripting language, using MEL, Maya’s embedded scripting language, as an example.

The tutorial aims to show viewers not only what they need to do in their code to get it up and running, by why they are doing so, and is aimed both at novices and experienced scripters.

About the artist
Mike Harris is an industry veteran with years of experience as a pipeline and tool developer. He contributed to all of Disney’s blockbuster animated feature films of the past nine years, including Big Hero 6 and Frozen.

Pricing and availability
Scripting Fundamentals, Volume 1 is available from The Gnomon School of Visual Effects’ online store as a digital download. It costs $49.

Buy Scripting Fundamentals, Volume 1 from The Gnomon Workshop’s online store

Full disclosure: CG Channel is owned by the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.