Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Foundry launches new software ‘Collectives’

The Foundry has launched its Creation and Production Collectives: two new Autodesk-style product suites that collect the developer’s tools into more aggressively priced software bundles.

The Creation Collective includes Modo, Mari and desktop review tool Hieroplayer, and costs $2,480 for a perpetual license, including one year’s maintenance: a saving of $1,333 over buying individually.

The Production Collective, which adds NukeX, and replaces Hieroplayer with its big sibling – shot-management system Hiero – costs $9,600: a saving of $7,183.

Selling one tool of the back of another
Of course, product suites benefit developers too, by encouraging studios to try products that they might not otherwise, or piggybacking less popular tools in on the back of industry-standard ones.

The Foundry’s press release hints at this, quoting Andy Antoniou, Creative Technology Director at UK studio The Operators, which created the teaser video for the Collectives, as saying:

“Prior to starting pre-production on this film, we were worried about taking on such a huge challenge with software that was mostly unfamiliar to us. Honestly though, we had nothing to worry about.

“We didn’t realise that Modo could do so much, and the integration between each piece of software in the Collective is fantastic! It wasn’t at all hard to integrate the tools in our pipeline.”

But regardless of whether you would otherwise have bought all the software, it’s hard to argue with those savings: 35% in the case of the Creation Collective, over 40% in the case of the Production Collective.

Read more about the Collectives on The Foundry’s website