Friday, October 18th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

NextLimit adds OpenVDB support to RealFlow

RealFlow 2013’s Hybrido2 fluid solver. The latest patch gives it support for the OpenVDB volumetric file format.

Next Limit has released RealFlow its latest update to the fluid simulation software. Normally, we don’t post news of patches, but this one has a couple of interesting features relating to new open-source tools.

The biggest one is support for the DreamWorks-developed OpenVDB format for volumetric data inside the Hybrido2 simulation engine. Open-sourced last year, OpenVDB is already supported in Houdini.

Still on the subject of open-source VFX file formats, RealFlow also gets Alembic support for cameras as well as object geometry, and an Alembic Sticher tool via the GUI.

The patch also adds support for image-based lighting in Maxwell Render and over 70 new graph nodes. As ever, it’s a free download for anyone with a current maintenance contract.

Read a full list of changes in the RealFlow release