Monday, June 24th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Xsens launches MVN Awinda wireless mocap system


Spot the difference: Xsens’ new wireless-based MVN Awinda system (right) eliminates the on-body cabling required for the company’s existing MVN intertial motion-capture suit (left).

Xsens has launched the MVN Awinda, a new full-body wireless-based inertial motion-capture system that promises to eliminate the need to restrict actors with battery packs and cables.

Functionally, the Awinda is pretty similar to XSens’ existing MVN system, which is used at a range of pre-viz, games and VFX houses including The Third Floor, EA and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

The vanilla MVN system, which also offers the option to get data out of the sensors via a USB or RS-232 cable, has more range (150m in open spaces, compared to the Awinda’s 50m) but one hour less battery life.

You can find the key facts from the press release below. There is also a sister model aimed at sports science work. As with most things in the mocap industry, pricing is only available on request.

Xsens releases MVN Awinda, a wireless tracker based motion capture system to expands its industry leading MVN product line.

MVN Awinda features on-body straps and eliminates battery packs and cables for even faster setup, easier operation and unconstrained range of motion.

MVN Awinda consists of on-body straps, a complete set of wireless, rechargeable motion trackers, an Awinda wireless hub and Xsens intuitive MVN Studio software representing an evolutionary step in motion capture.

Along with the release of MVN Awinda, Xsens releases MVN Studio 3.5, which adds wireless functionality as well as new features for its existing users.

Read the specifications for the MVN Awinda on the Xsens website