Thursday, April 13th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Xsens ships MVN Studio 4.4

Xsens has released MVN Studio 4.4, the latest update to its motion-capture data-analysis sofware, adding the option to record mocap data to an on-body data pack when working outdoors.

Store mocap data directly on on-body hardware
The update enables users of Xsens’ MVN and MVN Biomech inertial mocap suits to record data directly to a storage unit strapped to an actor’s body.

The new functionality is intended to enable users to record motion-capture data outdoors without the need for a power source, or to remain within wireless transmission range of a laptop.

Although it’s probably of most use in sports or medical research, the use cases shown in the demo above, you can imagine potential applications in entertainment work, such as capturing extreme sports.

The body pack comes as standard with MVN Link systems, and Xsens tells us that “under normal conditions”, users should be able to record a full day’s data to it.

New reference camera functionality in the mobile app
The update also adds a reference camera function to the new MVN Remote app, added in the 4.3 release of the software, which enables users to control recordings from an iOS or Android device.

Users can now capture reference footage of an actor and play it back inside MVN Studio alongside the mocap data.

Pricing and availability
MVN Studio is available in standard and Pro editions, and is available as part of product bundles with Xsens’ mocap suits. We reported on configurations and prices when the latest suits were released in 2014.

Read Xsens’ official news release on MVN Studio 4.4