Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the first Elysium trailer

It can’t be easy following a movie as unexpected – and as unexpectedly successful – as District 9.

Whereas Neill Blomkamp’s debut mimicked the scuzz of documentary footage for an equally gritty tale of aliens living in the slums of South Africa, the first trailer for Elysium suggests an altogether glossier experience.

This time round, we’re all in the position of the slum dwellers, with 99% of the population scratching a living in the ruins of Earth, and the lucky 1% living a life of luxury on the orbiting space station of the title.

The Guardian has an interesting piece on whether the expanded budget will enable Blomkamp to up the ante on his debut, or simply dilutes what made District 9 so compelling. (Warning: includes minor plot spoilers.)

Either way, the effects look great, and you get to see a lot of them in the trailer – although the live elements, which were apparently filmed in a giant landfill on the outskirts of Mexico City, are pretty darn impressive too.

Elysium goes on worldwide release from 9 August.