Monday, March 4th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

UtopiaBook offers global agency for VFX freelancers

Swedish firm UtopiaPeople has launched UtopiaBook, an international online agency for VFX freelancers.

The cloud-based service, which has already built some momentum in its native Scandinavia, “works simultaneously as a booking tool, as well as a management and organizational hub”.

Registration is free for individual freelancers, enabling you to build a basic profile in minutes.

Early days, but looking promising
When we took a look, there were a few rough edges (not all of the text had been ‘Englished’ quite correctly), but the basic mechanics seem sound.

Users can select a base industry sector (film, commercials, TV or games) and choose from around 100 standard job types, link to a YouTube or Vimeo reel, and upload a resume and short personal statement.

Studios pay from €250 to 1000 (around $325 to $1,300) for access to the freelance database.

At the minute, the companies that have registered with the site are largely Scandinavian and German, including a few well-known names such as RISE and Ghost, plus large broadcasters such as Viasat.

Visit UtopiaBook online