Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

See Autodesk’s 3December masterclasses live

Autodesk is streaming a masterclass on Stereoscopic Image Creation and Production live on the AREA today. (That’s Wednesday 5 December, if you’ve come to this story through Google.)

The one-hour presentation by Blue Sky Studios stereo supervisor Jayme Wilkinson will be followed by a live 30-minute Q&A. It kicks off at 1pm EST, which works out as 10am PST or 6pm GMT.

Two more masterclasses tomorrow
But if you missed that one, there are two more masterclasses tomorrow, Thursday 6 December.

Rhythm & Hues’ Jason Bayever will be talking about its VFX work for Life of Pi, while Ubisoft Montreal’s Kieran O’Sullivan will be talking about ‘Creating Insane Characters for Far Cry 3’.

Both will be broadcast as part of the online coverage of Autodesk’s annual ‘not necessarily on 3 December’ 3December live event, which takes place in Montreal from 6-8pm EST.

If you want to attend physically, you’ll need to pre-register via the link below.

View the masterclasses or pre-register for the live event on the AREA