Friday, October 19th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

JefeCorp makes JefeCheck free to download

Cross-platform playback and shot-review tool JefeCheck is now donationware. It previously cost $220.

Mexican developer JefeCorp has made JefeCheck, its production-ready flipbook and shot review tool, free to download. The application previously sold for $220.

Real-time playback on low-end hardware
According to JefeCorp, the cross-platform tool “works with almost any image format [from low-resolution JPEGs to 5K 16-bit OpenEXR files], playing up to 4K image sequences at 24fps on consumer hardware”.

As well as providing standard playback tools for image sequences, JefeCheck enables users to apply RGBA masks, 1D or 3D LUTs or log-to-lin conversions on the fly.

It can also generate real-time pre-comps and chromakey effects or compose stereo pairs into anaglyphic images via its FX Stack (FXs) system. Existing FXs can be saved to disk; or new ones can be authored in GLSL.

JefeCheck also offers basic shot-review and conferencing tools, including a real-time pointer and a text chat facility – although, as yet, no voice chat or video conferencing.

The VFX tool you’ve never heard of?
We have to admit we’d never heard of JefeCheck. However, JefeCorp is a spin-off of VFX house Ollin Studio, which worked on TRON: Legacy and Benjamin Button, and it looks like a serious production tool.

It’s hard to say how development will proceed in future, but for now, you get many of the features of a tool like Tweak Software’s RV for free. If anyone has any experience of using it, we’d love to hear how it performs.

JefeCheck is available for download now on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The software is donationware.

Read more about JefeCheck on the JefeCorp website (includes a good demo video)

Read the FAQs (includes system requirements)

Download JefeCheck

Donate to JefeCheck’s future development