Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk unveils Flame 20th Anniversary Edition

20 years of Flame, condensed into two minutes: Autodesk’s anniversary video for the finishing system.

Autodesk has unveiled the Flame 20th Anniversary Edition at IBC.

New features in the high-end VFX, finishing and grading system include a unified creative workspace, an integrated editorial and effects timeline, and a re-engineered GPU/CPU processing pipeline.

To mark 20 years of Flame, Autodesk has also put together a microsite including a timeline for the software, lots of archive photos and footage, and videos of various famous industry folks talking about their love for Flame.

Check out ‘Sometimes the user interface wants to take part’ in the video gallery to see one of Autodesk’s more creative product demos – and probably the only one in history to have been synchronised live to Cheap Trick.

Updated 31 October: The Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition is now shipping, although you’ll need to be a Subscription user to get hold of it. You can find more details on Autodesk’s website.

At the International Broadcasting Convention 2012, September 7 to 11, 2012, Autodesk will demonstrate the powerful new Flame 20th Anniversary Edition. The new software is part of Autodesk Flame Premium 2013, a high-end software toolset that integrates visual effects, editorial and real-time color grading. The new edition streamlines complex tasks and improves speed with a new creative workspace, top-level editorial timeline integration and an enhanced GPU pipeline.

New Creative Workspace
The new release of Flame Premium brings core post-production tools into a unified creative environment where a full editorial timeline is now closely linked to the popular Flame Desktop, Batch and Action. The redesigned workflow also features improved access to media and a new task-based workflow with one-click access to the main finishing tasks and creative tools.

Integrated Editorial and Effects Timeline
Now available at the top level of the application, the redesigned timeline allows artists to more easily work within the context of the timeline. Artists can now build timelines from scratch or match an offline cut without leaving the desktop. With this new integration, artists can more easily accomplish editorial tasks and move seamlessly between creative and editorial functions.

Enhanced GPU Pipeline
Flame Premium now features a re-engineered GPU/CPU processing pipeline for faster compositing and visual effects development in Batch and Action.

Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary edition also adds native support of the 16-bit, 4K-capable Sony F65 digital cinema camera format, using the necessary color transforms to bring the RAW format into the ACES compliant color space.

Product Information and Availability
Customer presentations and product demonstrations will be streamed live from the Autodesk IBC booth to the AREA — Autodesk’s digital entertainment community. Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition and the 2013 Extension releases of Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Flare software are anticipated to ship later this autumn. The 20th Anniversary edition and extension releases will be available exclusively to Autodesk Subscription customers.

Read more about Flame Premium on the Autodesk website

Visit Autodesk’s ’20 years of Flame’ microsite