Thursday, July 12th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Will you soon use a touch screen to sculpt models?

Wacom has released an interesting preview video showing how artists could use multi-touch technology to sculpt in Mudbox: specifically, the new Cintiq 24HD touch pen display, which features gestural support.

The video, which includes disclaimers to the effect that this is all technology in development, and not guaranteed to make it into a specific future release of Mudbox, has divided opinion among viewers.

Positive comments tend to run along the lines of “I’m sick of having my hands on the keyboard while modelling”; negative ones along the lines of “It’s too expensive” or, simply, “I hate multi-touch”.

The first and last of these come down to personal preference, but there’s no denying the price: at $3,699, the Cintiq 24HD touch will be almost five times more expensive than Mudbox itself when it is released in August.