Thursday, October 30th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

3D Systems launches Geomagic Sculpt and Touch

3D Systems has launched Geomagic Sculpt, a “virtual clay modelling” package designed to work in tandem with its Geomagic Touch 3D stylus, which uses force feedback to mimic the sense of touch of physical sculpting.

The tools are being marketed primarily at designers, but you can see obvious possibilities for entertainment work in the demo video above.

Sculpting, detailing and 3D printability analysis
Geomagic Sculpt looks to be based on the same technology as Geomagic Freeform, the company’s powerful sculpting system for industrial design, and offers both voxel-based and subdivision modelling.

As well as sculpting and detailing tools, Sculpt automatically analyses models for 3D printability, and “lets you optimize designs on the fly for the specific 3D printer you are using”.

The webpage for the software doesn’t include a detailed feature list, but you can download a free trial of the software and experiment for yourself.

Works with Geomagic Touch haptic sculpting hardware
The software is designed to work with the Geomagic Touch haptic 3D stylus, which you may remember in its previous incarnation as Sensable Technology’s Phantom Omni.

The compact device – it’s about the size of a small desk lamp – offers 6-degree-of-freedom positional sensing and 3-degree-of-freedom force feedback, enabling users to ‘feel’ the surface of the model they are sculpting.

Pricing and availability
Haptic sculpting systems used to command five-figure price tags. At $3,900 for both hardware and software, Geomagic Touch and Geomagic Sculpt aren’t exactly cheap, but they are more accessible to individual artists.

The products can be bought through 3D Systems’ Geomagic distributor network.

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