Friday, July 6th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ten killer tips for living to see your 40th birthday

Image: Sarah Stierch, via Wikimedia Commons.

Working in a field like CG, there’s a tendency for your life to devolve into an endless three-way loop between home, office and pub. If so, the latest blog post by Infusion Studios‘ Samuel Conlogue may prompt a rueful smile.

In a piece rather neatly entitled ‘A Life Less Sedentary’, Conlogue sketches out the deskbound artist’s dilemma:

“I would have been insulted if someone suggested that I’m basically a couch potato. ‘No way! I do stuff! Like sometimes I run, and surf, and I have a membership to a gym, and my kids keep me busy, and…’ But living a sedentary life doesn’t mean you literally never move: rather it’s a combination of factors that equal a daily routine that involves little to no REGULAR physical activity.”

The advice that follows isn’t rocket science (regular breaks, try a sit/stand desk, replace your mouse with a tablet) but it’s a useful checklist for healthier working – not to mention a timely reminder that we all have one body, and that many of us are “sending it down the crapper for no reason at all”.

Read Samuel Conlogue’s full blog post

Hat tip to Max Underground for spotting this one.