Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

See Arconyx’s Kenny Roy animate for 24 hours live

Kenny Roy’s desktop at 1pm GMT today. The users of the chat channel were mainly talking about eggs…

Former Weta animator Kenny Roy, owner of Arconyx Animation Studios and a mentor at Animation Mentor, is holding a 24-hour animation marathon to raise funds for his short, The Little Painter.

The live stream, part of his Kickstarter funding campaign for the project, shows Roy’s desktop plus a live view of the man himself, as he animates a high-level shot in Maya.

As time of posting (1pm GMT), the stream is half over, but if you’re quick, you’ll just catch the end.

Updated 7 March: The live stream is now over, but a post on Kenny Roy’s website says that he raised over $14,500 in 24 hours. Sweet.

View the live stream on Kenny Roy’s website (registration required)

Visit The Little Painter’s Kickstarter page