Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

The making of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s titles


If you’ve been to see David Fincher’s movie adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo recently, chances are you were struck by its title sequence.

The 150-second opener – described by one YouTube viewer as like a “James Bond intro from hell” – features a pair of oil-drenched human figures engaging in all kinds of disturbing man/machine interactions.

Wired has just posted a short article on how Blur Studio created the sequence. It’s a bit light on technical detail, but it does include some nice background information, and a video showing part of the layout animation.

Updated: Blur Studio has also released a press release which explains the work in slightly more detail. For the ‘dream ooze’ sequences, the studio also called upon specialist fluid effects companies Fusion CIS and the Spatial Harmonics Group.

Updated again: Thinkbox Software has just issued its own press release, explaining how its XMesh and Frost software was used on the shots. Fluid particles generated in RealFlow were brought into 3ds Max where Frost was used to generate a liquid surface for rendering. Link below.

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