Thursday, August 25th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: Houdini’s Siggraph user group presentation

Side Effects Software has posted a video showing part of its Siggraph user group meeting. (Actually, to be strictly accurate, it’s a collection of stills and presentation slides with audio commentary.)

There’s a bit of preamble about the company, but the guts of the video is Jeff Wagner’s presentation on Houdini 11.1, and the upcoming Houdini 12.

The main themes will be familiar to anyone who has read Side Effects’ online preview, but the presentation fleshes out a lot of the details, and contextualises the claims for increased performance over Houdini 11.

There’s over 25 minutes of footage, though, so if you’re pushed for time, you can see the running order below:

04:00 The new geometry engine
More at 06:15 on the need to rewrite tools developed for Houdini 11.

05:30 Multithreading
Includes a useful chart on exactly which parts of the architecture are multithreaded in 11 and 12.

07:00 Performance test results
Interesting snippet at 11:30 on the new performance monitor.

15:30 Updates to Mantra
Including full implementation of physically based rendering, raytracing derivatives for volumes, support for IES lights and better hair shading.

16:20 VOPs and VEX

17:20 Bullet physics
“Yeah, it was about time.”

Other simulation tools
18:00 Pyro FX 2.0
23:00 Better performance in FLIP fluid simulations
23:30 Better performance in cloth simulation

Houdini 12 goes into beta in October.

Read more about the user group session on the Side Effects website