Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: technical advances from Siggraph Asia

Siggraph Asia has released a video of technical papers due to be presented at the show, including new techniques for motion-capturing loose clothing and changing the proportions of characters in video footage.

One particularly cool video clip shows a full animated character, complete with cloth motion, being automatically extracted from greensreen footage of an actress wearing a long skirt.

Another highlight is the MovieReshape system, which uses image-based warping to morph the proportions of characters captured in video footage, automatically making them appear skinnier, fatter or more muscular.

Both come from from Christian Theobalt of the Max Planck Institute.

Other highlights of the reel include new systems for procedural animation, fluid simulation and an ’emotional animation’ system that automatically links skin colour to facial expressions so characters can flush convincingly with anger or embarrassment.

The show itself takes place in Seoul from 15-18 December.

Read the paper on performance capture of cloth online

Read the Movie ReShape paper online