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PR: Digital Domain Adopts Tweak RV

Tweak Software’s RV Adopted by Digital Domain Across North American Facilities
Digital Domain Standardizes on RV, Replacing Existing Review and Playback Solution

San Francisco, CA (August 18, 2010) — Tweak Software, developer of RV, the professional image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists, announced today that Digital Domain (DD) is standardizing on RV across its Venice and Vancouver facilities. RV’s professional, high-performance toolset is built on an open, extensible architecture allowing users to adapt the software to their own pipelines and styles of working.

“RV is a lot more open for our own customization, is easier to integrate, has a lot more features, and is faster than other alternatives we evaluated,” commented Ryan Mayeda, Technology Project Manager, Digital Domain. “Our artists are really excited about RV because it does everything they need all in one single tool.”

Digital Domain has already integrated RV with DMX, their proprietary in-house browser for dailies, and with The Foundry’s Nuke, allowing artists to quickly render composites and review them by launching RV from the Nuke Interface. Plans are underway to make RV the single unified viewer for additional in-house and commercial applications such as Autodesk’s Maya.

RV recently introduced a one-click remote sync feature that DD will deploy to connect artists across their Venice and Vancouver facilities. The new tools make synced review with annotation easy and immediate so artists can work collaboratively from any location.

“All of us at Tweak come from production backgrounds. We built RV as the tool we wanted for our own work—which means we tried to make it artist focused and simple to use, but powerful, fast, and customizable. It’s great to see Digital Domain embracing RV. They have a long history doing cutting edge work and they are very demanding about their tools,” said Seth Rosenthal, President, Tweak Software.

DD also uses Shotgun project management software and is pleased with the recent release of RV-Shotgun integration tools, “Being able to show image sequences in real time in RV, linked to project notes in Shotgun. It just makes the pipeline feel smarter to the user, helping them get directed to the right data, and having the information that they need easily searchable and accessible,” Mayeda continued.

RV will be installed on over 400 workstations at DD for use by artists, producers, supervisors and executives alike and will be fully deployed across all facilities within 6-8 weeks. Once it is installed company-wide, RV will be the primary image and sequence viewer used on all DD film projects. Currently Digital Domain is completing film VFX for “TRON: Legacy,” “Thor,” “Transformers 3,” and “Real Steel.”

About RV

RV is a real-time, film resolution, high-dynamic-range image and sequence viewer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The application also includes native support for stereo 3D, Remote Sync, 2K uncompressed playback from disk, and HDR LUTs. RV combines a flexible architecture with a lean, polished design tailored to professional digital artists. Free downloadable trial versions of the software are available upon request. RV’s newest features include an intuitive drag and drop interface for mixing, matching, comparing, and laying out media for review and playback, and expanded remote synchronization features for remote review and more.

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