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Get four free explosion assets from Compositing Academy

Sunday, January 9th, 2022 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Nuke training provider Compositing Academy has released four free stock explosion assets for visual effects compositing workflows, licensed for use in commercial projects.

Free relightable simulated explosions for use in VFX compositing workflows
The explosions, which were simulated in Houdini, are provided as sequences of 2K multilayer EXR files. (The full images are 2,048px wide: the explosion itself may occupy a much smaller part of the frame.)

Users can adjust the glow and emission passes within compositing software, or even relight the explosions entirely to match the background plate.

As well as the free assets, Compositing Academy sells a commercial library of 200 simulated energy effects, including rings, trails, vortices and bursts.

Licensing and system requirements
Compositing Academy’s VFX explosion assets can be used in any software capable of importing EXR files, including Nuke, After Effects, Fusion, Blender and Unreal Engine. They are licensed for commercial use.

Download Compositing Academy’s free stock explosion assets from Gumroad
(Enter a figure of $0 to download them for free, or make a voluntary donation)

Visit Compositing Academy’s website

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