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Teya Conceptor 6.0 creates kitbash parts for you automatically

Animator and tools developer Arseniy Korablev has released Teya Conceptor 6.0, the latest version of the 3D concept design and kitbashing software.

The update adds a new Variants system, for automatically generating variants of objects, including imported OBJ files, to create a library of kitbash parts.

The software also features an experimental brush-based Boolean system, which can be used to quickly block out forms for hard-surface models.

Create 3D concept art quickly and intuitively by sketching in 3D space
First released in 2016, and originally called PolyBrush, Teya Conceptor is intended to enable concept artists to create 3D geometry more quickly and intuitively than conventional sculpting packages.

Users can sketch out forms by creating strokes in 3D space, using brush presets designed to mimic organic or mechanical parts. The resulting geometry can then be modified using more conventional modelling tools.

Once complete, models can be remeshed and exported to other software in OBJ format. It is also possible to import OBJ files to use as the basis for custom brushes.

New in Teya Conceptor 6.0: generate variants of objects automatically
The update introduces a new Variants system, which generates variants of objects, including imported OBJs, making it possible to quickly build up a library of kitbash parts.

It isn’t AI-based, and generates the variations procedurally, so it works best with “simple sci-fi elements”, like the hard-surface part shown in the video above.

Users can generate up to 100 variants at a time.

In addition, Teya Conceptor’s Brush tool can now generate random variants of a stroke.

Experimental brush-based Boolean system for rapid hard-surface modeling
Teya Conceptor 6.0 also features an experimental brush-based Boolean system, shown in use to block out forms quickly by subtracting brush strokes from a cube.

The video shows a simple UI with a range of Boolean operations, also including union and intersection, and brushes with box, chamfered box and rounded cross-sections.

Updates to the Brush tool, symmetry and the UI
Other changes include the option to elongate, rather than stretch or scale, the model when using the Brush tool, and updates to the software’s symmetry system.

The update also makes the software’s interface more intuitive to use.

Price and system requirements
Teya Conceptor 6.0 is available for Windows and macOS.

The base edition is free. It is limited to a single object per scene, and there is a delay when using the software’s procedural generators, which increases with each use.

The Pro edition costs $150 for a perpetual licence, down $50 from the previous release.

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Editor’s note: in the light of Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, readers may wish to know that Arseniy Korablev is based in Sochi in Russia.