Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Pilgway ships 3DCoat 2021.53

Pilgway has released 3DCoat 2021.53, the latest version of the sculpting, retopology and 3D painting app.

The update adds the option to bake RGB cavity maps, improves the process of generating Smart Materials, and adds a new automatic update manager.

Improvements to cavity map and Smart Material generation
New features in 3DCoat 2021.53 include the option to bake RGB cavity maps, as shown in the video above.

When used inside Smart Materials – for example, to mimic edge wear or dirt collecting in crevices – they provide better control over the effect than the greyscale cavity or curvature maps.

In addition, the option to generate a new Smart Material from a folder of texture maps has been reworked, and now takes into account “all types of maps [and] all imaginable texture names [and] aliases”.

The process also now automatically recovers displacement information from the normal map if no actual displacement map was found, assigns cube mapping, and generates a material preview image.

In addition, the release adds a new update manager, which automatically notifies the user of new versions of the software, including beta builds, and streamlines the process of installing them.

Other changes since 3DCoat 2021
Since we last wrote about 3DCoat, at the time of July’s long-awaited 3DCoat 2021 update, Pilgway has put out a steady stream of new builds of the software.

Features added in 3DCoat 2021.21, the previous major update, include full support for unicode characters in file names and paths, and updates to shader baking, the brush engine, and display on 4K monitors.

Pricing and availability
3DCoat 2021.53 is available for Windows 7+, Ubuntu 20.04+ Linux and macOS 10.13+. At the time of writing, the only available AppLink plugin to integrate the software with other DCC tools is for Blender.

For individual artists, new perpetual node-locked licences cost €379. Subscriptions cost €19.85/month or €149.85/year. Rent to own plans require seven continuous monthly payments of €59.55.

For studios, new perpetual node-locked licences cost €459; floating licences cost €499. Subscriptions cost €29.85/month or €279/year for node-locked licences; €34.85/month or €299.85/year for floating licences.

For details of educational pricing and free non-commercial student licences, check out the product website. All prices exclude tax.

Read a list of new features in 3DCoat 2021.53 in the online release notes

Read more about 3DCoat on the product website