Thursday, July 29th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

HieroPlayer is now free to Nuke and NukeX users

Foundry has made HieroPlayer, its VFX shot review software, free to users of Nuke and NukeX.

Any Nuke or NukeX user with an active maintenance agreement for the compositing software can claim a free annual subscription to HieroPlayer, which will run concurrently with their maintenance period.

VFX shot review tool now available free to Nuke and NukeX users
Available as part of the product ecosystem for Nuke Studio, HieroPlayer enables VFX artists to compare versions of renders, and to play back shots or sequences in the context of the editorial timeline.

Foundry has now made it available free to users of the other editions of the compositing software, Nuke and NukeX: or at least, those with active annual maintenance agreements.

Anyone with a valid maintenance contract can now claim a free annual subscription to Hieroplayer, which will be provided for the same time period as the maintenance contract itself.

It will be possible to extend the free subscription indefinitely, with access to HieroPlayer renewing at the same time as the maintenance agreement.

“Foundry’s vision with Nuke has always been to give more control to the compositors,” said Foundry senior product manager Juan Salazar.

“By including HieroPlayer free with maintenance, we are enabling Nuke artists to easily review work and share feedback in the context of the full project, with accurate and consistent color.”

Pricing and system requirements
HieroPlayer is available for Windows 10, CentOS 7.4-7.6 and macOS 10.14-10.5. Perpetual licences cost $341.

Perpetual licences of Nuke cost $5,248; NukeX costs $9,768. Both prices include one year’s maintenance.

Request a free annual subscription to HieroPlayer via Foundry’s offer page