Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk ships Mudbox 2019.1

Autodesk’s homepage image for Mudbox. The 2019.1 update enables the digital sculpting software’s user interface to rescale automatically when working on a high-resolution 4K monitor.

Autodesk has unveiled Mudbox 2019.1, the latest update to the digital sculpting software, enabling the application’s interface to scale automatically when working on 4K monitors.

Updated: Mudbox 2019.1 is now availble. At the time of posting, Autodesk doesn’t seem to have made a public announcement, but users have reported installing it on the official Mudbox forum.

New in Mudbox 2019.1: automatic UI scaling on high-resolution monitors
Compared to the previous couple of releases – particularly Mudbox 2018.2, which added a new dynamic tessellation system – the changelog for the 2019.1 update is fairly small.

The release notes list a single new feature: automatic rescaling of the user interface when working on high-resolution monitors.

Autodesk reworked the UI for 4K monitors in Mudbox 2019, but adjusting interface scale previously required a user to make manual changes in the Mudbox Setup window and User Interface Preferences.

Other than that, there is a mid-sized list of bugfixes – 45, if we’ve counted correctly.

In separate news, several posts on the AREA report that Autodesk has recently shut the forum for the closed beta of the software. We’ll update if we find out more about that.

Updated 2 July 2019: It took rather longer than normal, but Autodesk has now sent us a response.

Asked whether it will be possible for users to beta test future releases of Mudbox, and whether the software is still in active development, the company replied:

“While the beta is now closed, development for Mudbox continues. We are working closely with key customers to ensure that future iterations of the product align with their needs.”

Pricing and availability
Mudbox 2019.1 is available for Windows 7+, RHEL or CentOS 7.3 or 7.5 Linux, and Mac OS X 10.11+. The software is rental-only, with subscriptions costing $10/month or $80/year.

See a full list of new features in Mudbox 2019.1 in the online changelog