Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Spline Dynamics releases SubSpline for 3ds Max

Spline Dynamics, aka developer Hernán Rodenstein, has released SubSpline, a new 3ds Max script for managing sub-object selections and material IDs for spline curves.

The script is intended to streamline logo design, industrial design and visualisation workflows in 3ds Max.

Advanced options for editing sub-object selections and material ID assignments in Max
SubSpline provides a set of extra options for viewing and editing sub-object selections within 3ds Max, including the option to display vertex and material ID numbers directly in the viewport.

Selections can be made at vertex or segment level, with options to shrink, grow, offset, invert or even randomise the results.

There is a similar set of options for manipulating the material IDs assigned to selections, described as helpful when working with hair systems or procedural modelling plugins like RailClone.

Pricing and system requirements
SubSpline is available for 3ds Max 2012+. It costs $18, although at the time of posting, the script is available at a discount.

Read more about SubSpline on Spline Dynamics’ website