Friday, May 18th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Spline Dynamics releases Spline Combiner for 3ds Max

Spline Dynamics, aka developer Hernan Rodenstein, has released Spline Combiner, a new 3ds Max script for performing complex Boolean operations on splines for 3D modelling or motion graphics work.

An intutive way to perform Boolean edits on multiple splines
Like the Shape Booleans system introduced in 3ds Max 2019, Spline Combiner makes it possible to perform Boolean operations – union, intersection and subtraction – on multiple splines to create complex shapes.

Unlike Shape Booleans, it works as a utility, not a modifier, making workflow more intuitive.

According to Rodenstein: “You don’t need to load shapes in a list: you just select the shapes you want to affect [and] press one or two buttons”.

The script automatically prepares the shapes for the Boolean operation, closing and flattening the splines and making them co-planar.

A separate Shape Cutter feature makes it possible to use one shape to cut apart others, with the option to detach the resulting pieces, or keep them as sub-objects.

The script also provides a set of helper tools, including a “powerful detector/manipulator of spline intersections that works with multiple shapes simultaneously”.

Pricing and availability
Spline Combiner is available for 3ds Max 2012+. It costs $22.

Read more about Spline Combiner on Spline Dynamics’ website