Monday, August 6th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: SideFX’s 2018 Houdini customer reel

SideFX has released its 2018 Houdini customer reel, its annual round-up of the best new visual effects, animation and visualisation projects to have been created using the software.

DNEG takes the prize for most appearances: as well as its Oscar-winning VFX for Blade Runner 2049, the reel includes its work on recent Marvel universe movies and the 2017 version of The Mummy.

Other movie highlights include Weta Digital’s work on War for the Planet of the Apes and Pixar’s recent animated features Coco and Cars 3.

There are some adorable shots from Paddington 2, discussed in this SideFX interview with Framestore.

Short-form work includes some excellent commercials from MPC and The Mill, games cinematics from and Axis Animation, and even architectural visualisation from KVFX and VFXArabia.

Outside the English-speaking world, the Czech Republic’s UPP and Russia’s Main Road Post make return appearances from last year’s reel, alongside Japan’s OLM Digital and NHK.

And it’s a German studio that contributes the showreel’s stand-out shot breakdowns, in the shape of RISE’s work on kids’ movie Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver. You can watch the full breakdown here.

Find more recent projects created in Houdini in SideFX’s user case studies

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