Sunday, March 19th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the Unreal Engine 2017 sizzle reel

Unreal may be the world’s best-known game engine, but it’s more than just an engine for games, the latest round-up of the best recent work created in UE4 reminds us.

Although released at GDC 2017 earlier this month, Epic Games’ three-minute sizzle reel also features architectural visualisation, a product configurator for the Ford Fiesta – and even a VR trip to Mars.

But it’s really the games that most of us are here for, and games there are in abundance: from upcoming AAA titles like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII remake and Injustice 2 to indie hits like Abzû and Rocket League.

Pretty much every style and format of game is represented, and the visuals are, at times, exceedingly pretty. Make a cup of tea, take a few minutes away from work, and enjoy.

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