Friday, December 18th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Allegorithmic releases Substance Painter 1.7

Allegorithmic has released Substance Painter 1.7, the latest update to its 3D texture painting software, updating the brush engine, and adding a range of new shaders, filters and mask generators.

New shading options
New features in Substance Designer 1.7 include the option to assign different shaders to different texture sets – for example, to use a SSS shader for a character’s skin, and another for clothing and armour.

In addition, there are a couple of new PBR shaders, including car paint, coated materials, and a nice-looking velvet shader, which you can see around 08:00 in the video above.

There is even a new dedicated shader for Dota 2, Valve’s popular MOBA.

Improved brush handling
The brush engine gets an update, enabling better handling of sub-pixel painting when working at low resolutions, and antialising when painting sharp strokes and patterns.

In addition, there are two new Alignment modes for brushes, Tangent | Wrap and Tangent | Planar, which control the way strokes wrap over geometry edges on a model.

New light baking filter and mask generators
Other additions include a baked lighting filter, for baking lighting information into the diffuse map.

There are two new mask generators: light position, which mimics the position of shadows cast on geometry, with settings for the horizontal and vertical angle; and 3D distance, which is a kind of radial gradient effect.

There are also a number of smaller additions, which you can read about in the changelog via the link below.

Pricing and availability
Substance Painter 1.7 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X. New licences cost $149 for the Indie edition, for anyone with annual earnings of under $100K, and $590 for the Pro edition.

Read a full list of new features in Substance Painter 1.7